The first YDA's youth exchange took place in Granada (Spain) from 22nd-28th March, counting with 30 young participants from Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.

The youth exchange consisted mainly of a series of workshops and activities revolving around politics in the context of European Elections and youth participation, through non-formal education methods. The participants had to complete a wide variety of challenges, presenting issues themselves and undertaking a lot of creative problem-solving tasks.

The participants created 5 political parties, presenting the issues that voters face in their own countries through creative means, campaigning for the EU elections on the street and in Granada’s University, as well as interviewing strangers, along with all the team-building activities.

An informative session about voting issues that affect the participants’ countries, was presented in a creative way, where participants also prepared presentations about a range of EU topics in order to prepare strategies for their local campaigns. In that workshop, participants learnt about the structure and current state of the EU, its history and various organisations.

The final day was reserved to work on future projects and local campaigning: the participants created election materials to be used in their future campaigns and tested them on the streets of Granada.

Using these approaches, the group engaged with the local population, raising awareness about the European elections.

Organization of the Youth Exchange: Associación Las Niñas del Tul (Spain)

Countries: Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, Hungary and Spain


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