The second youth exchange within the "Youth Democracy Academy" project took place in Veresegyház, Hungary, from 6th-12th April, hosted by our partner Gyermek- és Ifjúsági Önkormányzati Társaság.

In this exchange, young people from Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Latvia and Portugal continued to develop the 'EU is YOU' campaign while debating ways to increase the voter turnout of the first-time voters in the upcoming European Elections.

Some of the activities of the exchange aimed at participants sharing their values and principles on the importance of the European Elections for their personal lives, in order to understand how to explain to their peers the same importance.

As a group, participants worked on getting to know each other as a way of evaluating strengths and weaknesses that can be brought to the campaign, and how to bring the elections closer to their peers.

During the exchange, the first local action of the Hungarian team of multipliers was also developed in Budapest, providing to participants a chance to exchange ways in which the development of campaign actions can be done, by working all together in one of the actions.

Organization of the Youth Exchange: Gyermek- és Ifjúsági Önkormányzati Társaság (Hungary)

Countries: Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Latvia and Portugal


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