As the last activity of the campaign in Granada, on the 20th May, the multipliers group from Spain went out to the streets to put up posters, give information with an information stand, distributing the promotional materials (bracelets, T-shirts, bags, condoms, brochures), on a direct contact campaign action.

Although it was all very informal, there were a lot of interesting conversations with young people who approached our group, talking about the great ignorance about these elections to the European Parliament, the campaign has been very toned down that is being done in Spain by the political parties (because it has been hidden, since the local elections are the same day) and the great importance that the European Union has in our day to day life.

Many young approached our team, asking about the purpose of the EU is YOU campaign, giving support and appreciating this informative action, and taking some materials with them.

The general reaction was very positive, marking the importance of our work and participation in the upcoming European Parliament elections.


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