On 17th May, the local municipality of Rezekne - Latvia, held an education and careers fair, where 150 young people aged 17-19 were looking at opportunities for further education or entering the world of work after they finish their studies at the end of the month.

As part of the event, the EUisYOU team from Latvia organised a #thistimeimvoting stand, together with the local EDIC centre, where young people could come along and receive information about the upcoming elections, ask questions to one of 3 representatives from their schools and take part in fun activities to earn small prizes.

During the day, many young people filled out a quiz on things that they know about the upcoming elections, and those who got the maximum score of points received small prizes from the DEIC information centre.

They were also encouraged to take pictures by the stand and with the props provided, to be uploaded on social media (Facecbook and Instagram) with the hastag #soreizesbalsosu (this time I’m voting).

This event aimed to catch a larger scope of young people who may not be studying in the local schools that have separate events planned as part of the voting campaign in Latvia. Moreover, this event allowed to attract those who are already interested in finding out more about the voting process and the things they have to do to get involved this year.

The most positive reviews were about the information received on where to look for candidate lists, programmes and more specific information about the voting procedures in Latvia. Many students said that they know about the elections and have seen some materials from a couple of parties, but did not know that there is a government website that has all the information easily available to help them make an informed choice.


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