In order for the information about the European Elections reach young people, the campaign must go to the places where they are.

That is why our multipliers in Granada-Spain, decided to party with their peers, on the 25th of April, inviting them to vote with friends that same night, sending their vote, with their messages, to other people there.

Members of the multipliers group prepared everything necessary and went through different places (mainly youth entertainment locals in the center of the city) with an urn and ballots, highlighting everywhere, information about the elections.

They approached people, and talked about the importance of the European Elections and the influence it has on their lives, in an informal, fun and entertaining way so that, something that young people see as distant and boring is more familiar and closer.

Reaching more than 200 people, their reaction to this action was very positive, despite bringing a "serious" theme to a leisure area. Most people didn't know that there were European elections, some were outraged with the politicians and the media for not paying more attention to it, specially after realizing how important those elections are.


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