Taking the European Elections theme for drinks for the second time, on 9th May to where young people are, to party with them and invite them to practice the act of voting with friends that same night, sending their vote, with their messages, to other people there.

Going to the most attended places for night entertainment by young people, members of the multipliers group, prepared everything necessary and went to this area in the center of the city with an urn and ballots, emphasizing the need for awareness about the European Elections.

Talking about the influence EU has on their lives, in an informal, fun and entertaining way, this action tried to diversify the approach in which EU is presented to young people. Even tho this was an action in a leisure area, people showed their concerns and were interested in knowing more about the upcoming elections.

The main reaction from people approached, was of surprise, being that most of them didn't knew about the elections. People shared that they don't appreciate how the campaign for the European Elections is being done, because of its closeness to the national elections.


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