In Handlová, the group of multipliers started making a tradition of tea at 4p.m. Maria, one of the multipliers, is a member of this group, so she proposed a cooperation.

The team organized on 22nd May, a workshop named "Tea at 4", inviting members from the parliament of youth, students, and youth representatives from the town of Handlová.

The program started with mentimentr: What does EU mean to you?

The discussion was about all things related to the European Union, and the upcoming elections. Maria talked about YDA project, as well as the campaign EU is YOU and the local campaign actions that were developed towards the goal of raising awareness on the first-time voters turn out for the elections.

The guests from the regional office of Informative Center Europe Direct Trenčín prepared information about EU and the elections. There was a very interesting quiz done with kahoot, with interesting questions, finding new information like: which country got their first voting rights for women. Also the country that received women's rights as the last. Which river in the Europe is the longest.

Afterward the discussion proceeded, during which it returned to the issue of young people that do not vote and the influence of campaigning for the elections.

Some funny campaign videos for the elections were shown, believing that young people will go to vote.

Also, Slovakian team agreed upon the fact that voter participation for the last European Elections wasn't so good, believing that this year's elections will have a better turnout.


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