On the 20th May, Sweden's team organized and event in Stockholm, continuing the discussion about the elections for the European Parliament with local politicians.

The event started with a short presentation of AEC, the partner organizations of "EU is YOU" in Sweden, held by Saliu Amedu, followed by a presentation of "EU is YOU" project and its purpose.

The program was followed by two politicians, that joined our team for a debate about the upcoming elections, having as moderator, our multiplier Khadijah from AEC.

On the agenda of the discussion the meaning of the elections for the European Elections was approached, as well as how underrated it is to vote for it in Sweden, uplifting its importance and giving some tips on how one can get more information about how to vote, and the people running for MEPs in Sweden.

In this local action, two interesting and popular figures among young people gave their contributes on the topic, being experts in youth capacity building, diversity and inclusion giving the audience insights and perspectives on the topic.

To answer some fun questions about the EU, a kahoot was prepared so the politicians played against each other with people from the audience in their team. Providing the participants with some campaign materials from EU is YOU.

After a short break, the talks continued with another politician who came on stage to talk about his views on the same topics. Continuing then with questions from the audience, being a lot of them regarding refugee crisis, racism, education, climate emergency and Islamophobia.

The message, provided by all speakers, political party representatives and the audience was the impact of the EU elections, and how it can help in fostering solutions to issues like human rights, job opportunities and cooperation.


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