On the 17th of May our Greek team of multipliers organised a campaign activity to be implemented at the area of the technological institute of Karditsa, University of Karditsa, and high schools in the area.

The purpose of this action was to inform young people living in Karditsa and around about the importance of EU elections and why people should go out and vote, using the closeness to the day of the elections to start the conversation and making young people think about voting and how to do it.

The team of multipliers aimed to inform young people with some posters of the EU is YOU campaign and other materials, spreading the campaign across their local community.

During 2 hours, the group walked around the city of Karditsa, placing posters and reaching young people with some useful information regarding the upcoming elections.

While going on the streets and spreading the EU is You campaign, our team understood that young people were very interested in knowing more about the elections and most of them guaranteed to go and vote on the 26th May.


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