The group of trainers from Slovakia, Adam Madola, Mária Maňáková and Lenka Ruckchlossová asked for the support of the primary school of arts for a cooperation in this event.

For support of young people and their interest in European elections they decided to make a video. In this video they wanted to show how easy is to go vote and increase election participation in Slovakia.

The action took place on the 24th April in primary school Morovnianska cesta. After the welcoming and the introduction with the help of energizers, the whole preparation of filming the video began.

It was very important to make a screenplay. Ideas were very detailed:

First part - young man – first-voter comes to a voting stand. He identifies himself and is directed to the voting box. He gets his voting papers and an envelope. His thoughts continue, he misses the pen and it is very warm. All his demands are fulfilled by the voting angels. For the celebration that he made a good decision, he gets a reward. He puts his voting paper within the envelope to the voting box.

The scenario was approved by everyone and the scene was prepared. The tasks were divided to the recording, those in voting commission, the first-voter and the hands of the angels. After that the try-out was performed, and then the filming.

Later, the video was posted on different social media platforms, to spread the elections word, and give it visibility within groups of young people, through different and innovative approaches.

Check the video:


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Illustrations by Ena Sadiković