"Today I found out that the quality of the toilet paper or the freshness of the food is better due to the EU. And also because I am going to vote."

In Slovakia, the first local training for youth leaders happened on 24th April at the Grammar school of Ivan Bella in Handlová.

The participants were students aged 18 to 20, voting for the first time on the upcoming European Elections. The programmed activities started with welcoming and introducing participants to the Youth Democracy Academy project.

During these introducing activities, some ice breakers were used to make the group feel comfortable with sharing– as Pif-Paf, Poor little kitten, etc.

The multipliers team from Slovakia made a presentation about European Union related topics and subjects translated to Slovak language. After this presentation, a moment for debate with participants was created, in order to learn and share knowledge regarding the upcoming elections. The participants shared their opinions about the EU and asked further questions.

The second part of the training started after a short break with energisers. Continuing the presentation, the students were divided into groups and each one made a proposal of a campaign activity. At the end, each group presented what they had done.

The third part of the training consisted in joining 'forces', and participants were asked to evaluate the training by using stickers – activity paper hands.

The best activity was called "Hands" - the participants could write their opinions and knowledge on the paper hands. This activity was considered creative and participants could discuss further about the EU.

In this training gathered 20 participants, in Handlová, a small town (15.000 inhabitants), being the first challenge of the team, gathering young people at the same place, since a lot of them are studying in other big cities.


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