The training for youth leaders in Italy, gathered our multipliers in Prato, Italy, on the 13th April, being the main elements in the training the history of EU, its main institutions, how to vote, the importance of voting and the EU is YOU campaign.

All the topics were ran through non-formal education activities (being that all the participants stated to have seen a non-formal activity for the first time).

The training went well, having a strong participation and interest from our young leaders, succeeding in involving the participants on the quest for voting awareness.

The debate concerning the influence of EU decisions on a country level was the activity that obtained the most success, because it was the most involving activity: participants had several doubts and different opinions on it, bringing to discussion and clarification about many stereotypes on EU politics as well.

There was no particular challenge for the team, except little communication problems with the participants, which the team overcame supporting each other together during the explanation/clarification moments (also thanks to the hints and skills learned during the training for multipliers).

The participants were active and involved in all the activities; there were some interesting quotes, but the most interesting one was that: "voting doesn’t affect people because of the mediatic society citizens are in".

Some of them, at the end of the training, didn’t change totally their mind about some critics they have on the EU, but stated to be happy to have.

We have planned some up-coming steps for EU is YOU campaign with some of the participants of the Training: they're all local actions in our city (Prato) and some participants confirmed their will to be involved in some of them.


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