On the 5th of May, GYIOT, organized a local training for youth leaders, coordinated by Róbert Lakatos and Panna Makó, multipliers of “EU is YOU” campaign. This local training took place in the city of Eger, Hungary and involved 10 participants.

The aim of this local training was to show people how important it is to talk about the EU and the responsibilities that come with it. Being Hungary a European Union country, the goal was to raise awareness on the responsibilities involving citizenship, at an international level.

During the training, there was a presentation related to previous topics explored in previous sessions of Youth Democracy Academy project, and it served as a moment to practice skills regarding how to be a multiplier, as well as deepen people’s knowledge about the EU and its voting system.

“What would you do if you got the opportunity to represent Hungarian youth for one day?”

This game, confronted people in the training with their opinions on what they would change in Hungary to make young people's voice louder. The main goal was to understand what young Hungarians feel that needs to be said, how to pitch it, and how to encourage peers into taking political stands.

The local training was also a good opportunity for the people in the training, to realize that there are so many things they do not know about the EU, and still have an effect on their ways of living nowadays. Looking together with their peers for more information, sharing new findings about EU’s policy impact.

One of the challenges that the Hungarian team of multipliers had to overthrow, was on finding young people interested about political participation, being the task, motivating peers on participating in spreading the word about European Elections 2019.

Some of the participants from the training, will join the Hungarian team on the next campaign which will be in Budapest.


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