Our main aim was to show to the people how important it is to talk about the EU about our responsibilities. We live in Hungary, and that means also in the European Union, and we must be responsible citizens not only as Hungarians.

The training was useful for us to practice our skills to be part of a program as a trainer, for them to get to know some new information about the system of the EU and they also could practice their performing skills in front of a group.

We discussed why young people are not interested in politics and what we can do with this problem. The last element of the program was a debate game. They got some statements and they had to defend their opinions against each other. E.g. "Young people do not have to participate in politics" or "An upper age limit should be set for voting participation".

Beside this we started the program with EU quiz which was also successful because they realized that there are so many things which they do not know about the EU but they should. We tried to give them information and when we did not know something we discovered it together (so we could show them some websites what they can use for get to know more reliable informations about the EU).

The participants were super interested and active so, because of the lack of time, there were left some untouched questions.

On the day of election we want to do an online flashmob with them: Let’s vote together. Everyone will make a post on one of their social media platform before/after or during their voting action.

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