On the 20th May, the Slovakian team of multipliers- Maria, Lenka, Anna and Maria- organized a campaign in the city.

The volunteers decided to expand our campaign among the people in the city, visiting all city organizations - the Municipal Office, the House of Culture, the Municipal Library, the High Schools, the entrepreneurs in the city- meeting with employees of city organizations, and talking with them.

At the Municipal Office, they were received by a spokeswoman for the city and people from the communications department. In this encounter, our Slovakian team talked with the municipality's communication department, on an interview, that resulted in a public announcement concerning the elections for the European Parliament, its deadline, and about how and where to vote.

During their visit to town, the team of multipliers from EU is YOU, also visited a local factory where many young women are employed, using this opportunity to reach out about the importance of voting. In the city center, the team urged citizens to attend the European elections. In various discussions, our multipliers talked about encouraging people and their families, friends, neighbors and the wider community to participate.

Talking with citizens from Handlová, about the European Union- its advantages and disadvantages, and in particular, Slovakia's membership in the Union and the importance of participating in the elections- was the key approach, specifically, emphasizing the benefits of unlimited travel, free trade, exchange of individual values ​​and lasting peace in Europe.

The public was very satisfied that young people were interested in the European Union and the elections, stopping them to talk about their concerns and perspectives.


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