This campaign activity was organized and implemented by the greek multipliers Evangelos, Lena and Nikos, with the help of the local country Coordinators Vasilis & Sotiria.

After talking with many young voters, we discovered that encouraging and persuading people to vote is one thing, but there's a long way until people actually get to a polling station and cast their vote! Many voters are initially excited to participate in the elections, but get lost in the process because of practicalities (when, where and how to vote).

To assist voters, the team set a tent at the central square of Karditsa on the 18th of May (one week before the elections) from 11:00 to 14:00 (when most high school and university students pass from the square), and started going around encouraging young people to come to our campaign spot and get some campaign merchandise.

Afterwards, eligible voters completed a simple questionnaire that enabled them to see at which polling station they could vote, and received some basic information about the practicalities of voting.

Since many of the voters seemed undecided on whom they should vote for, the team provided access to independent matchmaking quizzes, such as those offered at yourvotematters.eu, euandi2019.eu, and votematch.gr.

There was also an urge for people to share photos of the merchandise they received on their social media accounts, invite their friends to come over, and use the hashtag #EUISYOU.

One of the most popular responses we received was “I know where to vote, I don’t need to do the quiz!”.

Nonetheless, after filling in their details in the web tool of the Ministry of Interior, many of them were surprised to learn that the polling station they were registered to vote had changed.

Moreover, many participants were excited about the election candidate’s matchmaking quizzes, and would like to see similar tools for the general elections coming up in July.

Lastly, the campaign merchandise attracted voters, and the use of the stamps to encourage young people to join us in our next events, in return for more merchandise, raised our attendance numbers.


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