The event took place in Stockholm and had the presence of 10 participants who joined our team from Sweden, Amra Heco and Saliu Amedu, on the 8th April.

Starting off with a workshop with two different energizers to get the group active, this was an informative session for the participants.

The informative part consisted on a PowerPoint Presentation that explained how the EU works, as well as the Commission, Council and Parliament. We also talked about the MEPs and how they are elected in the European context. One of the hot topics, was Brexit, discussed a lot on that evening, which was a good combination with the programmed activities, that approached this same matter.

The workshop continued with tasks regarding the theory of MAGI. How to make a big impact by doing something small. Sharing ideas within the group and most of them being fruitful for the upcoming campaign activities.

The reactions for the activity were positive. It was very intimate and there was purposely opened up spaces for discussions about the topics that were being presented. Many questions about the issue of Brexit were brought up in the group and our team gave answers and information on where to search more about this topic.

At the end of the activity, there was a short evaluation, and the participants got to give feedback on how this training went and what should be improved.


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