The group of multipliers from Slovakia, Maria, Lenka, Adam, Adrian, Anna, Maria prepared the fourth campaign. On the 21st May, in Handlová - Slovakia, the team made a photo window together with young people.

Using the window as a starting point for discussing with peers about the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. Talking about the importance of going to vote, and participating as a means of getting their voice heard about their concerns. This photo window was also presented in a cafe in Handlová, where our multipliers talked about Europe together with young people, giving some basic information about the elections. The elections in Handlová- Slovakia, are taking place on Saturday, 25th May 2019 from 7a.m. to 10 p.m, being that nationally, there are 14 MEP's places for the European Parliament, elected on the territory of the Slovak Republic.

In this elections in Slovakia, there are 31 political parties or entities registered and running for the elections.

The team answered questions about where to find the polling station in which people are registered to vote, as well as the procedures regarding the voting process and finding information about candidates. After the discussion, there was also time for taking pictures in the photocell. This photocell was borrowed to the Culture house of Handlová, to be used by other young people who visit cinema or other cultural events, for them to be able to take an interesting photo there.


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