On 12th April, 20 students took part on EU is YOU youth exchange in Rezekne, Latvia. As part of their experience, they had the opportunity to take part in a simulation game about the voting process in Latvia for the upcoming EU elections.

At first, they had a brief informative session about the voting process through a video and a short, informal presentation.

Then, divided into teams (with at least one participant from each country), they had 15 minutes to make their own party. The parties could be as crazy and ridiculous as they wanted them to be, but they must have had an underlying issue or value that is important to the team (environment, education, migration etc.).

Each team then had a 2 minutes pitch of their parties, where they tried to convince other voters (participants in the room) to vote for them.

The voting process was made as realistic as possible: each participant had a choice whether to go or not to go vote for one of the parties. The voting booth was set up in a different room, where an organiser had a registration list that they had to sign after showing their ID.

If they didn’t have an ID on them, they were informed that in real elections they would not be able to participate. In the booth they had a template for all the parties and they could mark a cross for the party they wished to vote for and put it into the box.

Votes were then counted and the winning party was presented with a small prize.


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