On the 9th May, a local action was held in the Foreign Language High School “Yordan Radichkov” in Vidin.

This action was organised by one of the Bulgarian multipliers, Daniela Konova, who took part in the Youth exchange in Hungary and Local training earlier in March in Vidin.

Daniela decided implemented her impressions and knowledge in her school because: first, being in a high school, a lot of its students are voting for the first time this 26th May, second there is a safe space to speak about policy and politics, and the third reason resonates in being comfortable among her peers to share and debate knowledge about the upcoming elections.

The campaign action consisted on a one – day event, in which Daniela with the support of her peers, distributed the campaign materials from EU is YOU, talked to the other students about the campaign, and the reasons why it is important to vote on the upcoming elections and the meaning of EU in general.

In total, more than 35 students were reached in this campaign action, having also a space for sharing experiences in which there were more than 65 students listening to different examples of experiences and opportunities given by the EU such as mobility, youth exchanges, no visa and the end of roaming.


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