The 4th local campaign action was held in Sofia High School of Mathematics, on the 22nd May.

This activity consisted in giving information and introducing European Union related topics such as the upcoming European Parliament Elections, this 26th May, among young people that are voting for the first time in this elections.

The campaign was initiated by young people who part time volunteer in NYCA’s activities, having support on developing the campaign structure for this event.

The campaign was conceptualize between the breaks of school classes, where the team went among their peers and spoke up about the civic engagement and responsibility young people have being equal part of the society.

There was an information stand, with materials, in which our multipliers team from Bulgaria would answer to questions regarding the elections, and the importance of voting.

After approaching their classmates, the team also put posters on the schools walls, and spread the bracelets and condoms from EU is YOU, in order to explain some of the opportunities provided by the European Union and the European Youth Card as part of the “What EU gives YOU” and “what are the opportunities in being a young person in the EU”.


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