The second local action, was held in Sofia on the 13th May in FPELS “William Shakespeare” school, directly reaching 25 youngsters and indirectly more than 100 between 17 – 18 years old.

Some campaign posters were put on the walls where regularly information is provided and there was also a table as an information point where the materials and other information were provided.

The activity was done in the afternoon, considering the best time for reaching students at school, having the team of multipliers from Bulgaria, talking to different young people from different ages and raising awareness on the importance of voting for the European Parliament election, and the purpose behind EU is YOU campaign.

During the activity, there were two types of audience – organised, with whom the team discussed the topics deeper, took a quiz and test on EU topics and “rewarded” them with bags and T-shirts; and “walking by” people who just stopped and asked for more information on the action, being both experiences interesting and effective for the information flow.

The campaign activity was organized by Pauline Brogle, one of the members of the Bulgarian team, that wanted to share her experience and knowledge gained within the Youth Democracy Academy project with her peers at school.

The participants in the training were pleased to learn in details about the EU 2019 elections. They found it “useful to enhance their knowledge and stand firm for their citizenship in the EU”.

Apart of the thorough presentation, the participants were active to take the quiz and test on the EU background, directives and democratic goals. Everyone was pleasantly surprised to receive a thematic gift that would definitely be a reminder, that we the young people are responsible for the future sustainable development of our country”.


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