The third local campaign action of the Bulgarian team, was organised by two active girls - Gabriela Yankulova and Ralitsa Georgieva, in their school, Language High school 157 Vaieho, on the 22nd May in Sofia.

They accidentally attended the preparation meeting in NYCA’s office with Pauline, a member of our multipliers team, about EU is You Local campaign and asked if they could do the same initiative in their school.

They brought the materials, organised a one – day information booth, spoke directly with their peers about the campaign and forthcoming EU elections.

Being that most of the students know about the EU elections because of the “Me and the world” subject, but “now we see the meaning of being active” and it is related to the idea “to continue to have what we have”.

The girls are part of different clubs in their school and they stepped on their network to reach more young people and peers and to promote the project. They went during the breaks and talked to the students directly and gave some campaign materials to those who were interest in knowing more about the activities being developed.

This action is an example of how young people could be empowered and supported to participate in civic engaging initiatives, from the activity, our team realized that their classmates were in favor of voting especially when they were informed about who they could vote for.


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