In collaboration with Fenix Association, EU is YOU Spanish team implemented on the 16th May, a debate with the youth section of the following political parties: Spanish Socialist Workers Party, Popular Party, Ciudadanos and VOX.

This debate took place in the Hall of Degrees of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the University of Granada and 41 people attended, mainly young students.

The debate had a closed structure of several blocks in which, each of the representatives, in changing order, were answering with a limitation of 3 minutes each per subject. At the end, there was a open questions part and debate with people attending.

The topics dealt with, were mainly the desired European Union model (structure, competences, form of work, composition), the future challenges that it must face and how to do it, the economy and the construction of the budget and main programmes and the influence it exerts towards its citizens (and this on the European Union and its institutions, through different forms of participation).

Finally, there was a parted dedicated for questions and reflections by the attendees that served to deepen the topics that most interested those present.

As the model followed was more static than in previous activities, the interaction was less. This did not imply that people were less interested, and it was very interesting to listen to the different political parties.


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