On 25th March the Bulgarian team of multipliers held an informative session as a local training, with the support of the National Youth Card Association. This session took place in Mihalaki Georgiev regional library and the local Yordan Radichkov High School in Vidin.

The training successfully gathered students from the eleventh and twelfth grades, expected to vote for the first time on the upcoming elections for the European Parliament.

In this session, our team provided lectures and activities in which the participants could name the reasons why they need to vote. Reflecting on how to generate a desire for their own involvement as well as for relatives and friends.

The training session used different methods: brainstorming, lecture, and discussion with open questions. In the first activity, the participants gathered opinions and ideas, showing two different points of view in which aspects of their lives and how the European Union has an influence and what would happen if nobody wished to exercise their right to vote.

Following a heated debate, future voters took note of statistics on national and European election activity in the countries participating in the project and the #thistimeimvoting platform. This has enabled students to be predisposed to make an open-ended discussion more sincere and fulfilling.


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