"It has been a long time since I had such a good conversation with young people about the European Union".

The group of trainers Mária Maňáková, Dávid, Anna and Mária, organized a campaign in Handlová.

This action occurred on the 1st of May, a day traditionally celebrated for being worker's day and accession of Slovakia to European Union.

This year the event counted with the presence of the mayor and for entertainment, there was also a music band.

Our trainers prepared a campaign activity for the European elections. Maria Manakova prepared EUROHRU - a game of 10 questions regarding EU topics, approaching people which tasks were to answer correctly. Every correct answer meant a reward like a bracelet or bag.

A lot of people and potential voters stopped by the table, asking for information about the elections such as the date it is taking place and the advantages of being a European Union country for Slovakia.

Most of the respondents took interest in elections. They believe that the voting turnout in the European Elections will be much better than previous one. All participants received small leaflet with the date of election and the place of venue.

The public was pleased with the fact that young people are interested in European Union and European Elections.


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