Our second day of Café por Europa, on Tuesday 14th of May, in the cafeteria of the School of Building Engineering of the University of Granada, was with Mariam Abdallah of the Popular Party.

We created a safe space for an informal debate where young people could express their concerns without political or institutional polarisation. In this way, we are able to bring the debate to the spaces of everyday life. As a young person Miriam shared with us a her very personal point of view and her experience as a young politician in an environment in which young people are rarely seen at high levels.

During the debate, many topics came out, both from the questions of the participants and from the contributions of our guest. We talked again about pressing issues like Brexit, budget problems or the rise of nationalist parties, but also the role of young people in these elections and in Europe in general, the image that political parties show with their fights and the lack of agreements, the management of migrations or the little effort that political parties are making in Spain in the campaign for elections in the European Parliament.

People welcomed the debate very well and they actively participated. This debate had a more ideological character when introducing possible pacts with nationalist/populist parties, for which the participants highlighted their fears, while at the same time emphasizing the importance of these elections in our future.


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