With the aim of bringing the elections for the European Parliament closer to young people, the Spanish team has organized a debate activity and dialogue with political representatives in a daily environment (in this case, the cafeteria of the School of Building Engineering of the University of Granada, a space accessed by young people, not just university students).

On Monday, 13th May, this dialogue had the presence of Clara Aguilera, Member of the European Parliament for the Spanish Socialist Workers Party in the last legislature and candidate in these elections, and Elvira Ramón, Member of the Spanish Congress of Deputies.

The debate was very enthusiastic and many young people participated.

Different topics were discussed, such as Brexit (its repercussions, how it is lived from the European Parliament, etc.), the role of the political parties in the campaign that is being done for these elections to the European Parliament in Spain and the lack of information about citizenship, the great challenges for Europe in the period that now opens (digital agenda, budget, common security, nationalisms, etc.), European programs such as Youth Guarantee or Erasmus + ( its effectiveness, its importance, necessary changes) or how is the life of a member of the European Parliament.

The outcome for this activity was very positive, contributing to a participatory debate in which different people intervened.

Among many other comments it's important to highlight the mentions to the null electoral campaign by the parties to the European elections, because they are focusing on local and regional elections not giving priority to this elections, which shows a lack of interest about the functions and functioning of the European Parliament.


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