The third session of Café por Europa, on Wednesday 15th of May 2019, was with Guillermo García, member of Ciudadanos, in the cafeteria of the School of Building Engineering of the University of Granada.

The dynamics of this debate have been especially open, eliminating even the tables that separated people and generating a very attractive interaction circle for the participants. The development of the conversation has been enjoyable and full of moments of interaction with the participants, also because the guest is a young person himself and with great communication skills.

As on previous occasions, we talked about the importance of the European Union and the elections of the European Parliament on May 26, as well as issues such as Brexit, budgets, etc. But on this occasion, being Guillermo son of European officials, we were able to learn a new perspective on the functioning of the administration.

The debate also touched on topics such as the Europe of the regions, the identity struggles and the challenges they pose, the importance of programs such as Erasmus+ and the need to expand them, and the benefits of free movement.

Many participants felt very involved also by the way in which Guillermo shared his personal story. The majority of the comments were in support of the opportunities that the European Union offers and the difficulties that sometimes young people have to access them.


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