The second campaign action in Hungary, took place in Pecsvarad on the 28th of April 2019.

The day for this local action coincided with a local event (day of the city) being organized. This event is organized every year (by local organizers), usually for the town’s population.

The local action, occurred in this day, given the opportunity to reach diverse programs and aiming to reach young people, living in rural areas.

On this action, there was a tent, set up with quiz materials (about the EU and the EU election), games, drawing desk and promotional materials, used to encourage people to engage in conversations about the Elections and its repercussions.

On these conversations, the first topics being approached were EU backgrounds and the EU elections, the voting system in Hungary, and providing young people with information about different opportunities of the EU which are especially designed for them (such as DiscoverEU and Erasmus+).

During the action, it was possible to recognize a certain discomfort when talking about EU related topics, being this a great opportunity to reach young people, and talk them through opportunities and interest areas in which the European Union affects their lives.

This public action, on the day of Pecsvarad, involved more than 30 people in the activities, and is the second local action developed by EU is You in Hungary, with partner organization GYOT.


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