GYIOT, together with the participants of YDA's Hungarian youth exchange organized its first campaign event , in Budapest (Hungary) on 11th of April.

This local action consisted in an informative session with 90 students from the Maria Gollner High School high school about the European Union and the upcoming elections. The participants were last-year high school students, who are voting for the first time this year, and just about to finish school.

During this session, different opportunities provided by the European Union were presented, such as DiscoverEU, Erasmus+ and Eurodesk.

Participants were engaged by different activities, carried out by the youth exchange participants, namely a Presentation of the European Union, videos about the establishment of EU and voting, a simulation the voting, an intercultural café, "Kahoot!".

Some of the aspects that most appealed to the students were the different opportunities and projects provided by the European Union, and also by exchanging experiences and traditions with the foreign participants from YDA.

Regarding voting intentions, most of the participants assured their will to participate by voting in the upcoming elections, in May.

The event was organized at the Maria Gollner High School which is an alternative school of Waldorf pedagogy.


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