Arraial Estudantil is a festival/reunion of high-school and university students in Portimão. Traditionally, there is a whole roasted pork that people can eat and small concerts/performances by students’ bands and the university bands, such as ISMATUNA, Tuna Bebes and David Pedro.

At the event, Veronica, Alice, Carolina, and David were present with a stand with quizzes and games about the EU and many gadgets for the participants.

The event was also the occasion for Alice to send out her message, right before the European Elections, and after having organized and participated all of the actions of the EU is YOU campaign.

“It is my last chance to convince you to vote and I have given you some good reasons to participate and have voice in these European elections, but of course they were not half the benefits that the European Union gives us. The European Union is indeed our home, where we have security and protection, freedom of expression and choice of our future. Being part of the European Union is a benefit we have, we pay only 1,50 € per person per year to the European Union and on the other hand we have Erasmus+ Programme valid until 30 years of age, where we can travel to Europe to carry out various types of projects and activities, with accommodation, food and local transport guaranteed, trip (roundtrip tickets) refunded. Among other great benefits that the European Union has given us. It's tomorrow! You wouldn’t miss the opportunity to vote for your future, wouldn’t you?! Now it's your time!”

At the beginning people were not interested, but then, thanks to the “getting to know each other” through friends of friends, we were able to involve many first-time voters and non, spreading the message of the campaign and inviting people to vote. Surprisingly, many people still didn’t know about the elections.


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