The action has been organized on the 15th May, in Prato (Tuscany, Italy), by EuroDemos Youth Mobility NGO to raise awareness of high school students and youngsters about the upcoming European Elections, the importance of EU elections and why people should go out and vote.

The event was developed by three of our multipliers from Italy (Azaria, Federico and Tommaso), who planned and managed the action based on the format of “Free Hugs”.

Azaria, Federico and Tommaso waited in front of their high school until the end of the day pf school lessons with a poster in their hands, written “A hug for the EU” (“Un abbraccio per l’UE” in Italian), in order to be visible as much as possible by the students.

Despite the weather conditions not being really favorable for an external action, students started approaching for a hug and asking the reason of such initiative: this allowed our members to start the information process on the upcoming EU elections.

Several students made them questions such as how EU elections work, which Italian parties were running for the EU elections or general information about the EU Parliament.

The action lasted for about 2 hours and to all the students and young people who joined the hug (around 30), have been given some materials from the EU is YOU campaign.


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