On Thursday 9th of May, the Spanish multipliers team, organized an activity in Entresuelo, in Granada, in collaboration with Amnesty International Granada, to discuss with young people issues of interest for the upcoming European elections.

It was an activity in which EU IS YOU campaign was linked with Do Your Campaign (by Amnesty International), allowing young people from different contexts and realities to interact in a pleasant way and in an informal context about their concerns and needs, and what worries them.

Different topics were put on the table, among which feminism / gender equality and migration stood out. Different perspectives were shared, such as the most current issues and trends that were analyzed in a context of intense reactions by society in opposite directions for these issues.

Although it was not intended to reach concrete conclusions, everyone shared their concerns about the "no campaign" for European Elections at a time when local and regional elections in Spain are taking all the limelight after finishing the national elections.

The most repeated comments were in the line of highlighting the concern for the rise of fascism in Spain, in accordance with the rest of Europe, which can mark in a very negative way the future political agenda of the European Union.


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