What would the province of Almería be like without the European funding it has received over the past 10 years?

In fact, this is difficult to imagine. Not only because the European funding which has been granted to the province currently totals over €2,150 million, but also because of the wide variety of areas in which it is being put to use, such as co-financing investments in the fields of education; creation of jobs; equality; social integration; culture; job training; adaptability and innovation in businesses; transport, water, energy and environmental management infrastructures; and rural development, among many others.

It would be very difficult to quantify the contribution. What is clear is that this boost has been crucial for the progression and development of the province.

This initiative aimed at considering this investment and give examples of what it has meant for its towns and villages, highlighting how a major part of their everyday life is affected by European politics.

This fact is clearly evident in the implementation of new infrastructures and equipment and also in the inspiration of the European social model principles which adopt all actions and policies with a firm commitment to the region’s sustainable development.

In this context, and framed within the actions of the "Almería creciendo con Europa" initiative, the EU IS YOU campaign was presented by our Spanish multipliers to more than 75 young people from educational centers who attended the conference. For this, a presentation with quiz was implemented to discover in an entertaining way the importance of Europe in their lives.

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