On the 21st and 22nd of March, Portuguese multipliers, Alice and Carolina, together with DYPALL Network attended the Start Work fair, a job fair that attracts tens of students and young people every year in Portimão, usig this opportunity to establish their first local campaign activity.

During the fair, DYPALL Network had a stand where the multipliers created games and made them available to the public, encouraging different people to play and discover more about the European Union.

The fair was a great opportunity to reach out and talk to as many people as possible about the upcoming European Elections as well as to answer some of young people's doubts and questions, such as: how do we vote? What if I leave my ballot blank? How do I choose the politicians and the party to vote?

The fair was also the first attempt to reach the local community with such a complex topic and the feedback was various, but can be summarized in: We started the conversation.

The public felt generally comfortable in speaking with the multipliers and discussed with them different topics, becoming more and more interested also in the opportunities the EU gives to its citizens.


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