This campaign action was organized on the 22nd May in the centre of Prato (in particular Piazza Santa Maria delle Carcerci, Piazza Mercatale and Piazza San Francesco) to inform young people walking on the streets ( like Via Giuseppe Mazzoni and Giuseppe Garibaldi) about the importance of EU elections and how does the EU work.

The action was made by our young members Azaria and Federico; they involved the people they met on the streets, challenging them in a little quiz.

Every participant had to answer four questions about the European Union (in particular the European Parliament and its work) and the Eu Elections, in a multiple-choice quiz format: if the answer was correct, they would win a small prize (a candy for every right answer and a gadget, a sticker or the official “EU Is You” campaign bracelet, for being participants in the game); if it was incorrect, our members would give them the right information.

The purpose of this action was, besides inviting young people to vote, informing them about the EU Parliament and its functions, because young Italian people are often uninformed about that and do not really know who are they going to vote for.


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