The first local action in Sweden, took place in Stockholm, on the 23rd February. This event was organised for young people, focusing on the Jarva region. Gattering 25 participants, our team in Sweden gave young people an opportunity to interact and meet new people.

The focus was on explaining what the EUisYOU project is and the purpose of it so that, later on this information could be multiplied by active young people, helping with the forward actions of the campaign.

There was also an informative introduction to what African Empowerment Centre (AEC) stands for.

Saliu Amedu, Amra Heco, Noha Berhan and Khadija Amer were the ones in charge of the event. Starting off the event with short name presentations and two energizers.

Saliu and Amra had a presentation about the organisation and its purpose followed by stories from past projects with international partners.

Noha and Khadijah had a presentation about the EUISYOU project and the purpose of this campaign. The presentation also presented some conclusions from the youth exchange that took place in November 2018 and its purpose, what was learnt and what should be implemented from it.

One of the activities consisted on dividing the participants into groups and discuss different topics that were prepared for them. The topics were relevant to the project and had youth involvement as the focus.

The reaction we got from the participants was very positive and refreshing as the event was structured with breaks for people to interact and share their experiences with new people.

Other thing to consider is that, many of the participants didn't know that the elections were taking place this year and we got many comments like “I did not know that the EU elections are this important” or “I'm going to research about this when I get home”.


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