"EU is YOU" is a campaign focusing on engaging first-time voters in the European elections 2019 led by young people in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Spain, France and Portugal.

Young leaders from these countries have designed and implemented campaign activities in their local communities. The campaign is a part of "Youth Democracy Academy", long-term project implemented by DYPALL Network and its partners with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.



This is a project that focuses on engaging young people aged 17-20, from 12 different EU countries, in moving towards a Europe that is closer to its citizens.

Our project will contribute to build dynamic and positive European societies by supporting the development of youth programmes based on values such as solidarity, citizenship, democracy and respect for diversity, where young people develop their sense of critical thinking and ownership to the European Project.

The project is implemented within the “European Youth Together” framework.

The priorities are active citizenship, network-building, European values and European citizenship, democratic participation, democratic resilience and social inclusion related to young people.

The actions aim at demonstrating their contributions to the overall EU policy agenda by improving the involvement of young people in democratic life and their engagement with decision makers and by helping to improve the capacity of the youth sector to work transnationally including promoting transnational learning and cooperation between young people and decision-makers.


  • Campaign coordination meeting;

  • International training course for multipliers;

  • Local trainings for youth leaders;

  • Implementation of local action plans;

  • EU is YOU campaign;

  • International youth exchanges;

  • International seminar;

  • Final conference.



EU countries

EUisYOU campaign local actions

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